Become A Bitcoin Developer

Online Bitcoin programming bootcamp20 hour weekly commitmentAll code in PythonDecember 10 - January 4$800


Week 1: The Basics

Build a ~1000 line mini Bitcoin implementation based on TinychainRead Bitcoin whitepaper and selections from Cypherphunk pioneers like Szabo, Dai and Back

Week 2: Peer-To-Peer Network

Write a Bitcoin network crawlerWrite a partial implementation of initial block download.Write Script execution engine

Week 3: Build a Hardware Wallet

Build a hardware wallet using Micropython, just like TrezorHD wallets, seed phrases, multisig, secret sharing, and more

Week 4: Lightning & Final Project

Build ecommerce app that accepts Lightning paymentsBuild a final project of your choosing!


Course Format

Daily video & exercisesGo at your own pace. Not a problem if you get a few days ahead or behind schedule (I expect this during Christmas season).Can quickly get help in our Slack group


Complete any "Introduction to Python" course. I recommend Codecademy's.

After Graduation

Access to the alumni Slack communityAccess to new content added in future months. I plan to add ~10 hours of new content every month, and future classes will cost much more. A great deal!

Previous Cohorts

Some videos from the first October 2018 cohort are available for free on YouTube


just me

Justin Moon

I organize Austin Bitcoin Developers meetupOver past 2 months I've taught a class about programming on the Bitcoin P2P layer (videos | code)I host Bits & Bolts, a new YouTube show about hands-on BUIDLINGFollow me on Twitter

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The invoice will be for $760 or equivalent in Bitcoin at current exchange rates. The course materials will cost an additional $40, which gives a total of $800. You will directed to buy these online before the course starts.

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