Become A Bitcoin Developer

Online Bitcoin programming bootcamp20 hour weekly commitmentAll code in PythonJanuary 21 - March 1$1200


Project 1: How Bitcoin Works

Build an 800 line mini Bitcoin implementation and deploy it (an educational shitcoin!)Once the network is running, students will be able to build exchanges, mining pools, mixers, block explorers etc. We will also attempt various attacks on the network and try to steal each others' coins.Read Bitcoin whitepaper and selections from Cypherphunk pioneers like Szabo, Dai and Back

Project 2: Peer-To-Peer Network

Write a Bitcoin network crawlerWrite a partial implementation of initial block download.Write Script execution engine

Project 3: Build a Hardware Wallet

Build a hardware wallet using Micropython, just like TrezorHD wallets, seed phrases, multisig, secret sharing, and more

Project 4: Build Something

Build a final project of your choosing!


Course Format

Daily video & exercisesGo at your own pace. Not a problem if you get a few days ahead or behind schedule (I expect this during Christmas season).Can quickly get help in our Slack group


Complete any "Introduction to Python" course. I recommend Codecademy's.

After Graduation

Access to the alumni Slack communityAccess to new content added in future months. I plan to add ~10 hours of new content every month, and future classes will cost much more. A great deal!

Previous Cohorts

Some videos from the first October 2018 cohort are available for free on YouTube


just me

Justin Moon

I organize Austin Bitcoin Developers meetupOver past 2 months I've taught a class about programming on the Bitcoin P2P layer (videos | code)I host Bits & Bolts, a new YouTube show about hands-on BUIDLINGFollow me on Twitter

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