Become A Bitcoin Developer

Online Bitcoin programming bootcampAll code in Python$1500100% refundable if you don't love the classLessons take ~100 hours to complete.Join a dynamic, close-knit community dedicated to contributing to Bitcoin


Part 1: Implement Bitcoin

Learn how Bitcoin works by building it. We start with a comically stupid digital cash implementation (PNGCoin) and iteratively improve it until all major Bitcoin features have been added.

Part 2: Peer-To-Peer Network

Write a Bitcoin network crawlerWrite a partial implementation of initial block download.Write Script execution engine

Part 3: Build a Hardware Wallet

Build a hardware wallet using Micropython, just like TrezorHD wallets, seed phrases, multisig, secret sharing, and more

Part 4: Final project

Build your own projectOr team up with classmatesOr contribute to a popular open source projectThis is where most aspiring Bitcoin developers get stuck -- they learn a little but never apply their knowledge. We won't let this happen!


Course Format

Daily video & exercises20 hours / week is the suggested pace, but you can more faster or slower if you like. You can always retake the course in future months if life gets in the way.I'm available 3 times every day for office hours over Google Hangouts


Complete any "Introduction to Python" course. I recommend Mooniversity or SoloLearn.


BUIDL Bootcamp doesn't offer certificates or diplomas because they are worthless!Instead I focus on helping you build a real Bitcoin project or onboarding you as a contributor to a popular open source project. This is valuable because few people can pull it off!


The curriculum is great, but the community is better. We are like-minded people dedicated to rebuilding the global financial and monetary system atop Bitcoin. BUIDL Bootcamp is the best community to support your Bitcoin programming career.

Some Student Final Projects

BTCPayServer Quickbooks PluginThe first outside feature implemented on JouleTor support on Pierre Rochard's Node LauncherLibrePatron - an open source, Bitcoin-powered Patreon alternativeLinks to many more in my most recent newsletter


just me

Justin Moon

I made the BitBoy hardware wallet and the Junction UI for using hardware wallets with Bitcoin Core Check out my podcast appearances: Stephan Livera | Tales from the Crypt | NodedI organize the Austin Bitcoin Developers meetupFollow me on Twitter

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Where I share resources & opportunities to help advance your Bitcoin development career


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